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Kativilaga's story

My name is Kati.

I studied visual arts before starting a 15-year career as a decorator, making beautiful decorations

for the most prestigious brands such as Chanel, Dior, Kenzo, Giorgio Armani ...

My overflowing ideas and artistic vision led me to begin creating my own decorations

to give birth to enchanting universes and to share this magic with all those involved.

In 2009 I was looking for a name that would sum up my philosophy of life and my love for everything that is handmade.

Inspired by the title of the philosophical novel "Sophie's world", I named my Youtube channel "Kati's world" (Kativilaga in Hungarian).

I created video tutorials on all kinds of DIY projects. I also learned a lot along the way with my viewers.

I discovered that in addition to the gift of creating, another aspect is an integral part of my projects,

that of sharing.

My dream has become to create together a place where we can all discover a new world filled with creativity around us,

as well as ourselves, while having fun and using the most wonderful tool that has been given to us,

our hands.

Thank you for stopping by and sharing this dream with me.

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