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This project is not mine, it is ours.


It is not only about producing stuff that people can buy.

It is our responibility to make sure it is not so.


We create beautiful and magical worlds that fill us with joy and enchantement,

but the real magic lies inside the project. 


Its goal is to put back value to our incredible gift to create with our hands and minds.

To share our talents and resources so that together we can make things possible

that we would have never been able to do alone.

To transmit the know-how and pave the road to generations to come so that they can go even further.

To respect and value every one of us along the road, every truly precious thing we possess:

our time, our talent, our efforts, our ideas, our love, our life.

By participating in any way in Kativilaga's project, you add your own input in it and multiply our possibilities

so that we can shape the world all together the most incredible and positive way we can.


We can make it happen.


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